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The Brussels Summer School of Mathematics is organised every year during August at the Université libre de Bruxelles. It consists in a full week of courses on a wide range of mathematical topics (algebra, calculus, geometry, differential geometry, logic, probability, statistics, topology, mathematical physics, ...). Courses are taught in French or English, and the speakers are researchers (phd, postdoc or professor) working either in a Belgian university or from abroad.

The courses are intended to be accessible to any person with a basic knowledge of mathematics. The purpose of the BSSM is not to provide a formal introduction to any particular theory but rather to give the audience a chance to glimpse the workings, beauty and importance of cutting-edge mathematical research. In order to achieve this goal the emphasis of most talks is put on important or intriguing problems which allow for short and enthralling solutions. 

The BSSM is not intended for specialists nor is it a vulgarisation exercise. The aim of this summer school is to bridge the gap between these two important modes of scientific expression, by inviting a non-specialised  audience (of students, teachers, professionals and amateurs) to discover the joys and beauty of advanced mathematical research.

The organising committee,

Delaby Rémi Hautekiet William Letourmy Thomas
Saillez Thomas

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