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After this renewed success, Christophe and Yvik decided to expand the organisation of the  renamed "Brussels Summer School of Mathematics" by inviting Germain Van Bever to join the organization and by making much more publicity than the previous years: Christophe, Yvik and Germain even went to Radio Campus for a radio show, where they not only talked about their summer school but were also asked to comment (as well as they could...) on an interview by the great mathematician Alain Connes. Aided in their publicity by the  UREM,  the BSSM that year had 50 participants!

Some of the following speakere contributed to the book called "Notes de la troisième BSSM", and you can find a copy under the section "Books".

- Baptiste Chantraine

- Sarah Dendievel and Sophie Hautphenne

- Laurent La Fuente-Gravy and Naïm Zenaïdi

- Pascal Zeihen

- Nicolas Richard

- Aude Nguyen

- Charles Leytem

- Francis Buekenhout

- Céline Engelbeen

- Maude Gathy

- Thierry Libert

- Jean Gutt

- Cédric Troessart

- Yves Dominicy

- Kamel Alj