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Drapeau anglais Version anglaise The 2009 Edition

The first edition of the summer school was unanimously hailed a success :  all three students liked the extra courses and the two lecturers enjoyed the teaching. Consequently, Christophe and Yvik decided to expand the Summer School, this time by inviting students from the first two years of the Bachelor in Mathematics, and by sharing the teaching load with other PhD students and Post-docs of the Department. Also, that year, was instituted the tradition of inviting internationally renowned mathematicians to lecture : the first special invited guest lecturer was Prof. Francis Buekenhout. After three students in the first year, the number had now grown to 20 students.

Notes from the second edition are abailable under the section "Books".

The speakers in 2009 were


- Maude Gathy

- Maxime Gheysens

- Ann Kiefer

- Christophe Ley

- Yvik Swan

- Germain Van Bever

- Francis Buekenhout