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Program of the 2018 edition


  • Here, a first list of the speakers and titles for the BSSM 2018.

    Tom Claeys (Entre les pavages et les matrices aléatoires)

    François Gérard

    Carole Muller (LE LIVRE des maths existe-t-il ?)

    Robson Nascimento

    Luca Notarnicola (Multilinear maps and secure key exchange in cryptography)

    Massimo Notarnicola (Random Laplacian eigenfunctions on the three-dimensional torus)

    Davy Paindaveine (Badminton et probabilités)

    Hugo Parlier

    Cédric Rivière (Une preuve modèle-théorique élémentaire du théorème d'Ax-Grothendieck)

    Julien Truffin

    Sylvie Vande Velde

  • The BSSM 2017 is in preparation. It will take place from the

    3rd to the 7th of September!

    The seminars take place in the Salle Solvay which is on the 5th floor of the NO building at the campus de la plaine.